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7th June 2008 permanent link

Martin Parr, whose exhibition at Munich’s Haus der Kunst I found interesting a couple of weeks ago, has a guest blogger spot on The Online Photographer recommending photography books.

I discovered whilst visiting Mr. Parr’s exhibition that the Haus der Kunst also has a very good bookshop. Harry Gruyaert’s Rivages is fantastic. Note To Self: casually mention this to Wife some time before Christmas. I also saw another marvelous photography book – with Martin Parr as one of the featured photographers – that I’m contemplating as an ideal Christmas present for somebody I know is one of my three regular blog readers, so I’m not going to name it now. And, come Christmas time, I will now have bitterly offended and alienated my other two regular readers. Life is hard.

CHRISTMAS UDPATE: Harry Gruyaert’s Rivages is indeed fantastic. Thank you my love. Unfortunately for my regular reader, the other book turned out to be sold out and out of print by the time I was doing my Christmas shopping. Note To Self: good photography books tend to have short print runs and go out of print quickly.

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