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6th February 2008 permanent link

People who leave their copyright-but-unwatermarked pictures lying around on the internet should expect to have them “borrowed” from time to time – especially if they’re any good – and mostly that's ok. Most people in my experience are polite enough to ask permission and/or link to the photographer.

I feel honoured, given that the person’s own pictures are pretty damn good, that this Indian photography blog liked my one of my pictures of the beautiful temple at Somnathpur (from my technically out of date but still philosophically valid film-era essay on photography in Southern India).

On the other hand, it raises my hackles when I see a big name, A-list tech blogger using a picture of and belonging to a friend of mine without so much as a hint of linkage or attribution.

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1st February 2008 permanent link

My son is taking his own musical education in hand by picking CDs from the shelves at random and insisting that they be played. (Brian Micklethwait approves) He’s old enough now that I can let him do that without having to worry too much about the fate of the CDs, and in any case I have backups. (Although I suppose admitting to those backups in public might not be such a great idea these days. Fair Use, people, Fair Use)

Today’s choice was Public Image Limited’s Greatest Hits, So Far. “Er”, I ventured to suggest, “you might not like this”. Turns out I was wrong. I underestimated the boy.

Perhaps I should try him on some Joy Division next. Or perhaps not – his mother could come home from her yoga class at any moment.

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cody on patanjali

1st February 2008 permanent link

I’ve been quiet lately I know. Sadly it isn’t because I’ve been working on my masterpiece.

Unlike Cody. Part Two of quite possibly the most helpful English-language version of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras is published. Rejoice, and read.

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