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public service announcement

3rd August 2006 permanent link

Public Service Announcement: if a member of your household, on her way to sleep on the sofa in the living room because an increasing proportion of the bed is being taken over by a small boy wriggling and coughing loudly, should happen to switch off the power to your (dual 2.5 GHz G5) Mac while it is sleeping, without waking it up to shut it down, and when you come to switch it back on, the little white power light lights up and nothing else whatsoever happens, then don’t follow this advice to remove the little internal battery that lives just above the heat sink on the graphics card (location of battery described & illustrated here, although mine has a different kind of battery) and wait 24 hours.

Instead simply start the Mac without the little battery. Just once, then power it down again and put the little battery back in again. Problem solved.

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ted orland

3rd August 2006 permanent link

I've been an admirer of Ted Orland's book Art and Fear for years.

What I first discovered today, thanks to a link from Paul Butzi on The Online Photographer is that he is a damn fine photographer.

(Note To Self: in future, you might want to consider finding out whether somebody is actually a capable artist before spending years believing their advice about how to do art)

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