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3rd October 2003 permanent link

Time to add archiving to AYAWT, two hours: one hour in the evening after putting the baby to bed to sketch out the basic concept and object model; one hour in the morning before work to test & debug.

It’s amazing how good programming languages & tools are getting these days. I can have a family, a day job, a life - and still, in the odd half hours (or even occasionally whole hours) that I happen to find lying around, have fun producing a non-trivial working system that makes my life easier. This just wasn’t possible a few years ago - I remember ten years ago setting out to do some similar personal projects in Microsoft C++ version 1 (no Linux or Java then, and I hadn’t heard of perl or python), and there was just so much hard work and bullshit to wade through before you could actually get close to having anything useful, I gave up. The things I wanted to do weren’t worth sacrificing entire evenings and weekends to something that wasn’t fun. Now, with python running on a unix-powered iBook, it doesn’t have to take whole evenings and weekends and it is fun. Part of the fun is that the language is clean and elegant, part is the “wow, I thought that was going to be a big job, and now two hours later here it is working” factor.

It’s not just having a nice language to program in - it’s that plus free software and the web. Not sure how to do something? Google. Google doesn’t know? There’s always usenet. Standard library doesn’t do what you want? Download a better one. The language is a bonus, but I’m sure if I was a high-powered perl hacker I could churn out this stuff at about the same rate as I’m churning it out in python. The difference being, it would have taken me a lot more than a few weeks of part time dabbling to be as fluent in perl as I am in python. Java is probably fairly similar to python in terms of the ease of learning the actual language; its libraries are at least as good as the ones for python and perl, and better documented. But if I only have half an hour to get something useful done, I don’t want to waste half my time fighting with a brain-dead compiler that wants to to be told about every exception I might throw, forgets what my objects are every time I put them in a list, (etc. etc. etc. - refrains from launching into long rant about the amount of irritating time-wasting nonsense that is in java even though it’s basically a fairly nice language). So actually, on reflection, maybe having a nice language to program in is as important as those other things.

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