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3rd August 2003 permanent link

I don't get RSS.

This may mean I'm terminally technically un-hip, but I've tried out NetNewsWire Lite a couple of times and I just don't see what it does for me that a set of bookmarked tabs in Mozilla or Safari doesn't. Let's see: a set of bookmarked tabs:

A set of bookmarked tabs can't:

... but that's a feature not a bug. I already spend far too much time catching up on news in the morning before I start doing any actual work, I don't want that spilling over into the rest of my day too.

There are a couple of important things that neither a browser nor an RSS reader can do for me at the moment:

(*) Examples of indispensable tech news and commentary sites that don't have RSS feeds - Clay Shirky, David Isenberg, Jerry Pournelle. Plus of course Lileks and the What's New page on Luminous Landscape, my favourite photography site.

This doesn't mean I won't be providing an RSS feed at some point when my weblog generating tool becomes more sophisticated than just me and BBEdit - I don't get it but clearly lots of people do.

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