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Hoher Bogen ☆

2nd January 2009 permanent link

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Tiny, obscure ski resort in the Bavarian Forest.

“Don’t bother” is a little harsh. Hoher Bogen is certainly not worth travelling to as a ski destination, but if you happen to find yourself in the area for other reasons, given decent snow there’s a pleasant enough half day to be had there. Although the Grosser Arber nearby looks much better.

There are plenty of other reasons to be in the Bavarian Forest, which is generally an interesting and attractive region. I’ve already mentioned some other interesting and quirky things there, in addition to which I highly recommend the zoo at Lohberg, focused on the native animals of central European forests and mountains. And the pub opposite the zoo, which doesn’t look much but turns out to be friendly and with excellent food and beer – together with generally the fact that the Bavarian Forest is one of the remaining areas of traditional rural Bavaria where almost every village has its own excellent local brewery.

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