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Hintertux Glacier ☆☆☆☆☆

1st January 2009 permanent link

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Hintertux is the best place I have snowboarded.

Compared to Stubai Glacier in the next valley over, Hintertux has generally steeper and more challenging pistes, plus similarly limitless off-piste opportunities.

In bad weather it can get very bleak indeed up on the glacier, in which case the run down through the trees from the middle to the bottom gondola station offers some respite. And being first down the other valley run, the “schwarze Pfanne”, in a metre of fresh powder the morning after a big storm, is my finest snowboard experience ever to date.

3250 metres is quite high up. Expect a headache if you get the lift straight up to the top first thing in the morning without acclimatising. I find the discomfort goes away after the first couple of runs, but ymmv: reactions to altitude seem to be a very individual thing that has little do do with fitness or experience.

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