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26th May 2008 permanent link

My wife says I’ve been posting too many pictures from business trips to India lately. But she’s not here this week so – ha! – more Indian business trip pictures coming soon. Meanwhile however …

I wanted to go for a walk at the weekend. Normally I would go the the Alps, but we had a lot of spring snow this year, and last week was school holidays in Bavaria. Everywhere I wanted to go would have been either still under heaps of snow, or crowded out with people.

I went to the Bavarian Forest instead. I don’t know the area well, so I just picked the biggest blank bit on the map, near the Czech frontier, and headed into it. Turned out I was in a part of the forest where all the big trees were killed a few years back – not, apparently, by acid fog but by an infestation of bark-eating beetles. Interesting experience. Not depressing, exactly; the forest is recovering, there are still plenty of other living things and young trees growing. But eerie.

bayerischer wald

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