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8th November 2003 permanent link

There’s a fun German TV programme called Wetten Das (“Bet You That …”), where celebrities bet on whether members of the public can do odd and improbable things.

Today we had a used camera dealer from Munich betting with Boris Becker on whether he could identify cameras, blindfolded, by the shutter sound. He had brought a selection of a hundred wierd and wonderful cameras from his shop; the presenter selected five of them and he had to get four right. Which he did. An EOS 3, a Yashica SLR from the 70s, some funny little 1960s Agfa rangefinder, and something else that I don't remember. He passed on an Olympus OM3 Ti (which sounded lovely). I thought this was excellent, the most interesting thing I’ve seen on TV for ages, and it was a shame they didn’t do all 100. Maria thinks I’m sad.

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