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18th August 2003 permanent link

The server move, plus the fact that my sister came over from England last week to meet her new nephew, meant no updates here for a few days.

I'm also still maintaining this weblog by hand, and writing stuff isn't a problem but maintaining permalinks, sidebar links etc. is really getting to be too much of a pain. Which is good - it motivates to get on (in my copious free time with a new contract gig and a baby at home) with producing my weblogging system. And the fact that the available time for development is basically when I'm on the train to & from the day job means that I've pretty much decided to go with python rather than java, despite the flakiness and immaturity of the python environment, because I still think the language itself is more productive and more fun.

More on this soon (my previous musings on python and java produced three quarters of the email responses to this blog so far - thank you Roger, Kimbro and Stephen. Actually, I'm amazed that anybody has even read my baby weblog so far, let alone responded to it). Also coming soon, in case server-side python development isn't obscure enough: why chariots were the ultimate weapon system of the late Bronze Age, and why that means the Rig Veda can't have been composed much earlier than about 1500 BC ...

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