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18th August 2003 permanent link

I'm moving to a new hosting service at I've actually never had any problems with the old hosting service, but I want to start putting some of my web development projects out in the open and the old hosting service doesn't support the tools I want to use (java and/or python). Plus the fact that I was living on a Windows server was becoming increasingly embarrassing.

Rimu provide virtual hosting on Linux, which means I get virtual root and can play around with my own installations of Apache, Tomcat etc. to my heart's content, and install whatever other weird & wonderful tools I feel like playing with, all for about a third of what the cheapest real private server would cost me. (I have no idea who or what a "rimu" is, but the company is based in New Zealand so I'm hoping he or she is a Maori god of rock-solid technical reliability and superlative customer service).

I have fractionally more than no Unix admin knowledge whatsoever, but certainly not enough to actually say I know what I'm doing. So this is going to be an adventure and it's entirely possible - quite likely in fact - that there will be outages of over the next week or two when the cutover from the old host doesn't go smoothly or I break something.

I've also reactivated my old hotmail account so that (a) I have an emergency mail address that I can still use when I bugger up the mail configuration on the new server, and (b) I can harvest a nice big crop of spam that I can use to train a Bayesian mail filter on the new server, if & when I ever manage to get mail working at all. (Despite having had unobfuscated mailto links all over my website for years, I get disappointingly little spam on "contact at alanlittle dot org")

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