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10th September 2003 permanent link

Flying to England tomorrow to visit my parents - you can get some remarkably cheap flights by travelling on September 11th. This will only be the second time my parents have met their grandson, so they're pretty excited. It will also be only their grandson's second time sleeping away from home since he was born - will be interesting to see how he deals with that. (Before he was born, on the other hand, he was in Russia, Germany, England, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy and Austria. His mother doesn't believe in letting little things like pregnancy cramp her style)

Here's a generational difference. I was thirty the first time I flew anywhere (had been out of the UK before that, but always by ships, trains or hitch-hiking). Jack is three and a half months.

This probably means another week of not publishing anything. I'm beginning to realise that weblogging whilst actually having a job and a life is a non-trivial commitment

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