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mehr Linux, mehr Freiheit

24th July 2003 permanent link

mehr Linux, mehr Freiheit

“More Linux, more Freedom” is a poster for the Bavarian state parliament election that I spotted the other day in the Schwabing district of Munich. I’m neither a Linux user nor a supporter of the SPD, but I do find it mildly interesting that a politician thinks Linux versus Microsoft is an issue that the electorate knows and cares about.

Of course, the city of Munich has just made a very high profile decision to adopt Linux as the desktop platform for 14,000 workers. (numerous links from Philip Windley. Joel Spolsky is sceptical. (Actually, my main reaction is to look at that 14,000 figure and find it alarming that over one percent of the entire population of my current home town work as bureaucrats for the city council. Perhaps I’m just naïve about what it takes to run a large modern city)

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