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24th July 2003 permanent link

I've been thinking it's time to start a weblog for a while now. But first I thought ok, but I want to write my own blogging tool and host it on my own server. And then I thought fine, in the meantime while I'm building that I can something started with blogger - oh but then I have to write some kind of some kind of killer first post. But not being able to do that also isn't a good reason not to start writing something.

(Actually, it's time to start a weblog again . I kept an online diary last year when I was in India. And I've used blogger as a web-based personal notebook for various things for a while.)

(It turns out blogger doesn't seem to want to publish from Safari these days, so I'm writing by hand for the time being until I get the homegrown publishing system working)

Now I really need to get going on that software or lose all technical credibility, given the sudden fashion for pointing out just what a trivial technical challenge weblogs are (Tim Oren, Brian Tiemann, Tim Bray)

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