Issues with rendering of character-encoded Devanagari in Safari and other browsers.

EXAMPLE ONE: त्र renders correctly as a TRA ligature (reference:


EXAMPLE TWO: &#x0924;&#x094D;<!--COMMENT-->&#x0930; with a comment inserted into the encoded character sequence, renders as VIRAMA-one-place-too-far-left TA RA


EXAMPLE THREE: &#x0938;&#x0941; should be SU; renders as U-one-place-too-far-left (in the left margin, if at the start of a line) SA

सु  सु

The above descriptions of erroneous behaviour refer to Safari 1.2.3, which is where I first noticed the problem.

In Mozilla Firefox 1.0 the subscript characters are in the right place but the line height is too small so the bottom pixel or two are cut off; TRA is rendered wrongly as T-VIRAMA-RA in both examples.

All these examples render correctly in IE 6 on Windows.

Alan Little, October 2004.