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pete and doreen's wedding, may 2002

My very dear friends Pete and Doreen were married on 18th May. I was the “official” photographer, but these pictures aren't in any sense the “official” wedding album (if they were, there would be more shots of the lovely couple), they're just some of my personal favourite pictures from the day. Pete and Doreen's Wedding - The Photographer's Cut.

the happy couple

Pete Doreen Pete & Doreen Doreen Doreen Doreen's hat more pictures of pete …

the boules

the kids

Pete's nieces Pete's nieces Pete's nieces Pete's sister & nieces Massimo Anna

the other guests

Steffi Nick Susan & Nick Grainne Karine Claude Steve & Don John & Steve

the morning after

the photographer in action

the photographer the last picture is by Susan Kyne. More pictures by Susan …

photos © 2002 Alan Little